‘I didn’t know it was your table,’ said Alice; ‘it’s laid for a great many more than three.’
Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

For centuries, table prelibacies have inspired a wealth of rare jewels and outstanding fashion jewellery.
Form and color in nutritional products are a major contributor in developing the at times serious, at times surreal, at times fantastic and long-cherished relationship between food and ornament.
Thanks to the art and craft of goldsmiths, jewellers and designers, food – unleashed form its nutritional function, has morphed into an aesthetic element, an object rich in symbolic content, and immediately recognisable.
A meeting point between food design and jewellery creative, metals, stones and enamels give life to food-evocative jewels in a kaleidoscope of colours, light and brilliance.
GIOIELLI DI GUSTO, in a mix of real jewels, fashion jewellery and fashion accessory, presents a vast array of fascinating objects, capable of stimulating the mind on the relationship – sometimes serious, sometimes surreal, sometimes fantastic – between food and ornament.
Through a combination of historic items and contemporary works by Italian and international jewellers and designers, the exhibition signifies how dishes and foods have long been sources of creativity and inspiration, and emphasises the aesthetic and cultural value of food.
In a historic journey, visitors reach contemporary jewellery viewed not only as accessory and ornament, but almost more importantly as an item – born out of experimentation, of research into new materials and new forms -, an emblem of new creative possibilities.
And if every object is in itself a small wonder of creativity and craftsmanship, Alejandro Ruiz’s bespoke display inspires visions born of an enigmatic and quiet world – the world of table originally set to host a social gathering, a meal perhaps, but then abandoned, where jewellery is light-heartedly yet emphatically laid out.
Surprise emerges out of an ongoing game of absence and presence, order and disorder, colour and non-colour, as utensils and mise en place objects have real form, but are actually origami.
Paper, in fact, is the material element chosen by Ruiz to represent the project’s overall registry, born of life’s day to day experience, but aimed at accessing a more fantastic and enchanting dimension.

This section is devoted to showcasing how great jewellers have interpreted the theme of food.
Also fashion is sometimes inspired by food such as fruits, ice creams, sweets, berries, pasta and even eggs to shape some of the most peculiar bijoux.
This section focuses on a collection of bespoke very small series items – all food-centric – designed by contemporary Italian and international artists.
In this section, a ravishing collection of vintage jewellery illustrates the diverse and imaginative interpretations of the food subject from the first half of the XIX to the nineties of the XX century, featuring historical Fendi, Ferré, Krizia, Missoni, Lagerfeld items
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