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Mara Cappelletti is an Italian freelance journalist, author and historian. An intensive traveler and curious about different cultures, she studied languages (English, German, French) and graduated at the University of Modern Languages and Literature in Milan.
For more than thirteen years she has worked as contributing editor for Ornamenta, one of the leading jewelry and fashion jewelry magazine in Italy.
Following her passion for art and history she studied History of Jewelry and Art of Islamic countries, India, China, Korea and Japan at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.
For De Agostini Editore she was editor and main author of the 40 booklets series Ethnic Jewelry (A Journey through the Treasures of Distant Lands) and of Orologi Fashion (40 booklets series on the History of Female Wristwatches).
She contributed as co-editor together with Osvaldo Patrizzi to The Magical White Cartier and Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona books published by Patrizzi & Co. Editions.
In 2011 she was editor and main author, together with Patrizzi himself, of the 25 monographs collection The Masters of Time, dedicated to the world’s finest watchmakers and founders of the greatest Maisons published by 24 Ore Cultura.
She currently works as a consultant for the publishing initiatives, printed or digital, of Osvaldo Patrizzi and other antiquarians and historians of jewelry, including costume jewelry.
She teaches History of Jewelry at Istituto Superiore di Arte Orafa Galdus (Goldsmiths School) in Milan. She lectures regularly during the Learning Weeks on Art Nouveau at Liceo Artistico Boccioni (Art High School) and at Istituto Caterina da Siena (High School of Fashion Industries) in Milan.
She was Guest Lecturer on History of Jewelry at the University of Milan (History of Fashion course) in November 2014.

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